Paa Ṡadaq Wu Paa Taraq

Paa Ṡadaq Wu Paa Taraq

Paa Ṡadaq Wu Paa Taraq
“The Truth and the Way”

1. Panan Ṡafah Kawan.
1. This book is.

2. Paa Ṡadaq Wu Paa Taraq
2. The truth and the Way.

3. Zi Kawuna Nazula Li Kuum.
3. It was sent down for you all

4. Munan Ṡabat-aat Wu Ṡaaah-aat
4. From Sirius and Orion

5. Amma Haday-un wu Shaafah-un
5. As a guidance and a Healing

6. Munan Salaf-uKuum Wu Nadjar-u
6. From you all’s Ancestors and Overseers.

7. Arjua Layya Nafas-u Kuum.
7. Return towards your own selves.

8. Aqbul Shanash Kawan Kuum
8. Accept what is yours (you all’s).

9. Paa Ṡadaq Wu Paa Taraq
9. The Truth and the Way.

1. Enen Tawuh Kuum
1. We thank you all,

2. Li Panan Shaafah Wu Aalaj
2. For this healing and cure.

3. Enen Tawuh Kuum
3. We thank you all,

4. Li Tem NaasayNuun
4. For not forgetting us.

5. Enen Tawuh Kuum,
5. We thank You All.

6. Li Aashuqkuum
6. For You All’s (Divine) love.

7. Antkum Ather Salaf-unuun
7. You All are our Ancestors.

8. Enen Ather Kharad-ukuum
8. We are You All’s children.

9. Enen Talub Naṡarkuum
9. We seek Your help.

10. Enen Talub Naṡarkuum
10. We seek Your help.

11. Anṡur-nuun Antkum Ather Paa Kahen, Nadjar-u
11. Help us Divine Nadjar-u.

12. Anṡur-nuun Salaf-u-nuun
12. Help us our Ancestors.

13. Enen Ather Nuwaup-u
13. We are Nuwaupians.

14. Anun, Atum Atun Amun
14. Anun, Atum Atun Amun

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